Man at computer with community relationship management document


Benefits of Using a Community Relationship Management Tool

The term CRM has evolved from being Customer Relationship Management to Community (and Stakeholder) Relationship Management for organisations from small enterprises to large government organisations. A well-developed community relationship management tool enables an organisation to maintain up-to-date stakeholder profiles, track correspondence and feedback and communicate with individual o groups of stakeholders.

What are the key benefits of having a community relationship management tool?

  1. Improved Community Satisfaction

Having a CRM tool in place ensures that the communication and engagement with the different community members associated with your projects are in a centralised system. You can quickly view online feedback, add offline feedback and track correspondence.  Ultimately, if you manage the CRM and your stakeholders well, this will improve their perception of your organisation and processes.

  1. Increase Positive Stakeholders Retention

Stakeholders who feel apart of the journey through ensuring they are aware of opportunities, are provided with effective engagement strategies and their feedback is acknowledged and considered, will be confident in participating in future projects.

  1. Effective Internal Communication

Since different departments working on the same project will be able to exchange information at the same platform and connect with each other with ease, it will facilitate better communication and increased productivity among them. Also, it will help you in avoiding the duplicity of information, thus ensuring more reliable results.

  1. Optimise Communication and Engagement Strategies

A CRM tool enables you to obtain feedback via a range of tools including surveys and polls for assisting with understanding the priorities and expectations of your community. This helps you in revising your communication and engagement strategies to strengthen consultative processes and yield greater participation levels.

  1. Gain Useful Insights

Reporting is as much an important part of any project management process as the planning. With a CRM tool, you can have all the information including suggestions, challenges faced, targets achieved, and solutions applied at one place, thus making it easier for you to use it as an informational bank for your organisation in the long run.

Summing It Up

As you can see, having a community relationship management tool can help you in maximizing your organisation’s performance while ensuring that your time is properly optimized in such a manner that you can focus on other important tasks. Engagement Hub is one of the best CRM tools out there because we understand how crucial your community engagement and communication is for your organisation.