Information Tools

Information is a key part of engagement and our 13 information widgets allow you to tell your story visually and clearly with customisation so you can highlight what’s important to you.

Information Tools

Choose which tools you need for each project and at each stage of your project lifecycle. 

Select from 13 different information tools to display your project information clearly and visually. 

Click on each tool below to open up an example of the tool in action ⇾

project overview

Provide a summary of what the consultation is all about. Determine if it is public (viewable by all) or private (invitation only).​

project background

Provide a summary of what the consultation is all about. Determine if it is public (viewable by all) or private (invitation only).​

Latest news / blog

Keep your stakeholders and community informed with updates and media releases.

document library

Include relevant plans, documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a well laid-out folder system

video gallery

Embed YouTube, Vimeo and Animoto videos.

image gallery

Drag and drop your photos and videos into a gallery of images.


Frequently Asked Questions on a project/consultation basis including categories.

Key dates

Publicly display the steps within your engagement process and other key dates of the project.

project banners

Display unique banners and sliders for each project and add overlay text if required. You can also add pop-up boxes to appear on your homepage.

project links

Create links to external URLs on a project basis.

who's listening

Humanise – show that ‘real people’ are listening to the conversation by displaying an image, name and title of the person overseeing the project.

additional content tools

Two flexible rich content areas for adding further information, images, videos and block quotes to the main section or side of your project page.

customise your tools

Engagement Hub provides you the flexibility to customise your site even further with the option to change the name, colour and position of all widgets. Using the Customise Widgets Tool, enjoy the freedom to think of different ways to utilise your widget tools. Alter the colour of your widget background banners to make them stand out or to just break up the colour scheme. The last option with this tool is the ability to change the order of your widgets.

Communication Tools

The power of your Engagement Hub software doesn’t stop outside of your platform – use our communication tools to keep the conversation going and keep your users engaged.