Engagement Hub - leading online engagement platforms turns 5

Engagement Hub turns 5!

Every March is a cause for celebration amongst the Engagement Hub team. As we reach another milestone – it’s a great opportunity to look back at how far we’ve come.

When it all started 

Long before the launch of our innovative engagement software 5 years ago our founder, Kate Woodbridge, was out pounding the streets, number-crunching data and generally doing the hard work that comes with genuine, comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement.

She was left frustrated by marrying multiple software applications together to suit her needs so she created her own! Following 2 years of intense development, Engagement Hub was launched in 2016.

Following launch 

Since then, we’ve fast become an industry leader in the field of community and stakeholder engagement and have facilitated thousands of engagements.

The unique elements that make us so popular with our clients remain the same:

  • Built-in Stakeholder Relationship Management System (no other software offers this) providing you with deeper insights into your community or stakeholders and being able to target communications effectively
  • Detailed data-driven reports you can download in one click and edit for your own reporting. We’re continually adding ways to tag, segment and analyse your data differently
  • Friendly and supportive engagement specialists working alongside each client to not only maximise the software but also the whole process of engagement within the organisation

When we first launched, we offered 9 consultation tools, no Stakeholder Management System (SRM) or Insights Dashboard. Now, we offer 23 information and participation tools, including our latest deployments of an online budget simulator tool and an interactive mapping tool allowing you to use various map files/styles and set the bounded area users can consult within. Plus an industry-leading SRM and incredible in-depth insights and reporting functionality.

The majority of our ongoing deployments and updates to the software each quarter are in direct response to ideas and conversations with our clients or our experience on the ground as Engagement Consultants. We understand engagement and the time pressures our clients are often under are so we strive to make our software ease the burden of data overload, segmentation, understanding qualitative feedback etc and to deliver new platforms swiftly through our implementation processes.

New brand and website

The launch of our new brand recently and our new website soon demonstrates our passion for continual development. We never sit still and always have our ears to the ground for current trends, client ideas and industry needs.

If you’d like to find out more about how an online engagement platform can transform how you engage and learn how Engagement Hub can partner with you to achieve that, view our demo site or book a no-obligation software demonstration here.

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