Stakeholder Engagement in the New Normal – Covid-19 Era

Stakeholder engagement is an essential part for any organisation to not only keep community members in the loop but also build and strengthen relationships with them. The recent pandemic has restricted the ability to undertake traditional methods for stakeholder engagement.  It has presented organisations an opportunity to consider other mediums to ensure momentum is sustained if not increased.


Digital engagement stakeholder platforms have become the new normal in the Covid-19 era. Digital stakeholder engagement is a revolutionary way to keep the conversation going without physical interaction. This, in fact, has helped many organisations engage more and with more stakeholders – one of the key benefits of virtual engagement. There is no limit to how far you can go with digital mediums. While physical engagement comes with the limitation of geographical locations, digital engagement can help you send your message to all your stakeholders no matter where they are located with a few clicks.


Here are a few ways you can use digital stakeholder platforms:


  • Make Educated Decisions: Now that the dynamics of stakeholder engagement have drastically changed, it is essential to do your homework before putting a strategy in motion. It is a good time to go back and review your current processes. Can you adapt it successfully? Or do you need to build a new engagement strategy? Take your time to identify what works best in the current scenario, have those internal discussions, and make an informed decision.


  • Adapt: Now that physical interaction is limited, this is the time to adapt to the new ways of interaction through online engagement technology. We know how everyone has embraced online conferencing as a means to connect, meet up and continue organisation operations without a physical presence. Online engagement is also part of this mix.


  • Reach Out: Since community members are the focus of digital engagement, it is of foremost importance to reach out to them. Not only should you start stimulating conversations but also ask for feedback from community members if they are comfortable with the technology you have employed. Their opinions must be valued for enhancing your relationship with them and also your own improvement.


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