Learn how important blogs and news updates are for your stakeholders.

Engaging with Stakeholders through Blogs & News Updates

Learn how important blogs and news updates are for your stakeholders.

With online stakeholder engagement platforms becoming more in demand, organisations are embracing different methods to engage with their communities and ensure effective flow of communication with multiple stakeholders.

An efficient engagement tool should offer you different options to engage with your stakeholders which include blogging, document library, surveys, quick polls, interactive images and mapping, community chatting, video gallery, and idea walls amongst others.

Let’s discuss how blogging and news update sections in your engagement platform can help you engage with different stakeholders and your community.

What is a Blog?

A blog or news update page is a section in your stakeholder engagement platform that can be written in a conversational style to keep users updated about the relevant news about the organisation or a consultative process.

How to Engage with Stakeholders through Blogs?

  • Share Your Vision: Whenever you start working on a new project, you can share the vision and future benefits of the project in the form of an article for your stakeholders.
  • Educate the Stakeholders: Are there any new updates or concepts that you would want your stakeholders to be aware of? Consider writing an informative blog to educate your stakeholders as well as team members.
  • Keep Everybody Updated: Through features like ‘follow project’ in Engagement Hub or RSS feeds your stakeholders can easily be notified of new updates on your blog

How Frequently Should You Publish a Blog?

There is no definite answer to this. It will entirely depend on your requirement of giving information and updates to your stakeholders. However, we do not recommend publishing more than two blogs a week as fatigue can set in. Alternatively, you can consider alternating the type of content e.g. conducting polls or surveys, asking questions etc to keep your stakeholders engaged.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing a Blog

Your blog or news update must come across as essential and interesting for your readers. Here are a few questions you could ask yourself before posting blogs online to ensure that it serves your engagement purpose effectively:

  • Do you want to entertain, inspire, inform or direct readers with your blog?
  • Does it satisfy the concerns and interests of your stakeholders?
  • Does it help you shift the engagement level with your stakeholders?

Invest in Suitable Software

The most prominent step in ensuring that you can engage with your stakeholders effectively is choosing an integrated, centralized, and safe stakeholder engagement platform.

Engagement Hub is trusted by all levels of government, corporates and not-for-profits to deliver outstanding online engagement platforms to meet the needs of their communities and stakeholders.

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