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How stakeholder engagement management benefits stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement management via a digital platform can transform your communication

Successfully managing stakeholder engagement programs requires the donning of many hats:  marketing manager, peacekeeper, data analyst and, last but not the least, of a diplomat between many different people and stakeholder groups.

Defining the purpose, perceived/real issues/opportunities and potential outcomes of any stakeholder engagement process are fundamental in developing your business case.

Without sufficient planning, focus and adequate processes the outcomes are poor and participation levels low.

Start with the basics and build upon them: identifying your stakeholder groups based on their role, level of influence, level of interest and best channels to reach them. From here identify the most appropriate tools to collate their feedback.

Identifying stakeholders as per their interest and influence along with a stakeholder engagement portal/platform that serves as a one-stop destination for all engagement needs, you can achieve success.

How to identify stakeholder influence:

  • Low-Interest, Low-Influence – those who need to be informed
  • High-Interest, Low-Influence – those who need to be involved and consulted with
  • Low-Interest, High-Influence – influential stakeholders you need to engage
  • High-Interest, High-Influence – partners you need to collaborate with

The IAP2 spectrum is widely utilised to establish the participation goal of a stakeholder engagement process: inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower. With the right stakeholder engagement tools, you can easily manage the different groups as per their interest, influence and the overall participation goal.

Engagement Hub is used by many different sectors and leading stakeholder engagement specialists due to its vast features and 23 consultative tools included.

Stakeholder engagement management via a digital platform. Key features:

Surveys and Quick Polls Tools

Surveys and Quick Polls are fantastic for collecting feedback which is ‘closed feedback’ i.e not publicly displayed during the consultative process. You can also determine which groups have access to different surveys and with one click remind stakeholders who have not completed the survey to complete it. And with Engagement Hub’s Quick Polls widget, you can ask the community to assist you in prioritizing options through four options: text, image, video or audio polls.

Latest news

The Latest News feature of Engagement Hub’s stakeholder engagement portal enables the entire community to be kept informed with project updates, media releases, opportunities, consultation outcomes, etc. It also allows the inclusion of links and attachments or images to maximize the impact.

Features that encourage collaboration – Community Chat, Interactive Mapping, Interactive Image/PDF, Ideas/Story Walls Tools

What plays a great role in consultation and drives participation are the features like the Community Chat, Interactive Mapping, Interactive Image/PDF, Ideas & Extended Ideas Wall, etc. Engagement Hub offers these attributes that aid in the sharing of ideas, knowledge or opinions.

Timeline Tool

Whilst the priority of each stakeholder group is different, it’s better to let each one of them know the engagement process and other key dates. The timeline gives them an insight into the complete picture and they can then decide where and when they can get involved.

Background Tool

The Background Tool is designed to inform your stakeholders of the complete background and history of the project or program you are engaging in.

While these are some of the important features of Engagement Hub, there are many more which provide diverse tools for different stakeholder groups and participation goals. Check out the full range of over 23 information and participation tools here. 

When selecting your stakeholder engagement digital platform, make sure to check out our top questions to ask. 

Contact us for a detailed proposal, book a demo to organize an online screen share and discussion of your objectives, or to explore the features in detail on our Engagement Hub demonstration site.

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