Tangible Benefits of Digital Stakeholder Engagement

The way we used to engage and communicate with our friends, family, or stakeholders has changed drastically over the years. There was no Facebook, no Youtube, no Skype or other digital mediums for communicating that we have today.

In the past stakeholder engagement notification relied on costly mass media techniques such as newsletters, mass mailings, print advertising, postal letters etc. Enabling participation was very much limited to town hall meetings and reply post surveys.


Some of the disadvantages of these methods were higher costs, being ineffective, challenging to engage broadly and sometimes untimely. Implementing a  Digital Stakeholder Engagement strategy dramatically improves your stakeholder participation and outcomes. 

There are multiple digital channels that are used to support online stakeholder engagement and corporate communications, bringing a broad range of benefits to both stakeholders and the management process itself. With the effective use of digital channels, stakeholder engagement can be more effective, efficient, and organizations can reap more benefits. Here are the top benefits of using Digital Stakeholder Engagement:

Cost Effective

A digital approach to stakeholder engagement is cost-effective – reducing material production costs, repetitive, labour intensive activities, travel expenses, etc. Communicating digitally is a great way to increase your ROI and save money while effectively engage diverse stakeholder groups.

Increased Transparency and Accountability

Using digital platforms assists in providing a more transparent and authentic stakeholder engagement program – enticing them to become engaged. There are so many benefits of using digital tools, all these conversations will be clear and accountable automatically. This will make project managers to simply access the audit trail if there is ever a need to present the information during a project reconstructing or public enquiry.

More Opportunities for Stakeholder Engagement

An online Stakeholder Engagement system enables a centralized platform to share information, collaborate and engage with stakeholders easily and cost-effectively. Stakeholders can come together on a more frequent basis to contribute to projects and be kept informed and updated about the initiatives.

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