graphic depicting three stakeholder groups with different opinions, and a light bulb of analysis


Techniques for stakeholder analysis, adopting the best approach

Stakeholder analysis techniques and community management are integral elements to effectively managing consultative processes and delivering on successful outcomes.  Whether in response to a pandemic or the increasing expectation of stakeholders for deliberative dialogue,  embedding a stakeholder engagement solution to manage, engage and communicate with stakeholders in a centralised and secure platform requires consideration.

Techniqes for stakeholder analysis are outlined below is a brief step-by-step guide to adapting to an online stakeholder management platform:

  • Engage

Adopting the most appropriate communication channels and engagement methods tailored to the stakeholders and the desired reporting requirements is key to designing and managing your consultative process. Thinking about who your stakeholders are and how to best to intice them to be actively involved is paramount.

  • Listen

Stakeholders will be more involved in your project and will have more trust in your strategies if they feel that they are being listened to properly  – they are acknowledged as an individual and their feedback has been considered. Thus, you need to ensure that you listen to your stakeholders, analysis their feedback and ensure that their feedback is thoroughly captured and inputted into the decision-making process.

  • Understand

You need to understand how, when and where do your stakeholders prefer to be communicated. The best way to ensure that they are being communicated with the information that they are interested in and through the platform that they are comfortable with is by asking them about their preferences at the beginning of the project itself.

  • Deliver

Reporting is as vital a part of the entire project management process as the planning is. For effective communication and engagement with the stakeholders, as well as to measure the success rate of your actions, you will be required to create multiple reports and share the results derived with the stakeholders of the project.

Single Tool to Manage It All

Managing the stakeholders and ensuring regular communication and engagement can be challenging.  The best technique for stakeholder analysis lies in the right stakeholder engagement solution.  No matter how many projects you are running at the same time and how many stakeholders you have to manage, analyse and communicate with every day, having a stakeholder engagement tool will ensure that all your stakeholders are considered at all the times and communicated with when required.

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