Frequently Asked Questions

How is it used?

Our clients use the Engagement Hub platform for many different purposes.

Some examples of the types of projects our clients are engaging on include:

  • Place-Making & Urban Design
  • Major Infrastructure and Transport
  • Property Development
  • Planning 
  • Town Centre and CBD Upgrades
  • Environmental including Coastal Hazard, Flooding and EEC
  • Park and Recreation Upgrades and Developments
  • Strategic Planning including CSP, Delivery and Operational Plans
  • Internal Employee Engagement
  • Research and collaboration
  • And many more

Engagement Hub offers the flexibility of public and private projects, so it is perfect for internal or closed group engagement.

A number of our current clients use Engagement Hub exclusively for internal engagement.

The survey widget is perfect for measuring your staff engagement levels and understanding key issues within your organisation.

Because Engagement Hub is so cost effective, you can run the survey as regularly as needed for more timely tracking and reporting.

Engagement Hub is used to engage a great diversity of audiences. Some examples of the audiences our clients engage with are:

  • Community
  • Stakeholder
  • Employee
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Remote Workforce
  • Board of Directors
  • Members and Partners
  • Clients and Sponsors
  • Parents and Students
  • Players and Administration

Of course!

The Engagement Hub team would be delighted to do an online demonstration at a time that suits you. CONTACT US to arrange a time.

We have a great DEMONSTRATION SITE which allows you to see how the software platform will work for your needs.

Just CONTACT US and we will also provide you with the administrator login details, so you can explore how easy the dashboard is!

Getting Started

Our amazing development team have developed Engagement Hub to be incredibly easy to navigate and documentation/videos are available to assist clients in establishing their portals. However, our team our available to set up your portal including branding, creation of registration form, default pages and imagery. This attracts a modest additional cost and is completed within three business days

You can start engaging today!

Once you have completed this ONLINE FORM to get started, your site will be activated within 4 hours, but usually much sooner!

Then you are ready to start branding your site and setting up your first project! If you would like the Engagement Hub Team to do the set-up for you, we are happy to oblige and can usually do this within a few working days. Contact us for more detail.

Most of our clients are able to begin engaging with their new Engagement Hub site within one week.

Yes. Once you have successfully subscribed or registered a trial account, we will email you a user manual which includes a cheat sheet. We also have a suite of instructional videos for each aspect of the software.

Yes, Engagement Hub allows you to make your project either public or private. If you choose a project to be private, only people you invite to participate will be able to see the project. Public projects are available to everyone.

Yes, the logo, images and colours are all able to be determined by you to brand the site and create seamless integration with your existing website.

Yes, you can use your own URL. Enter your desired URL into the form and once your site has been activated, our team will email you the requirements for DNS configurations. The process is simple and it won't be long and you will be engaging from your own URL. 

No, our licencing (subscription) is per organisation with unlimited project administrators.

Any organisation is entitled to trial the site for 30 days to ensure it meets their needs. The trial period is only for your own internal testing and not for 'live' consultations. We encourage all potential clients to contact us to discuss their objectives.

Security and Compliance

No, the platform is 100% securely hosted in the cloud from our data centre based in Sydney, Australia. Engagement Hub uses Juniper Powered networks and Dell Enterprise servers.

Engagement Hub is securely hosted in our Sydney, Australia data centre.

Some key features:

  • SSL/TLS Encryption: SSL is installed on our server so client’s sites are encrypted.
  • User Authentication: Every super admin, project admin and registered user (participant) have a unique username and password which they must verify via an email verification process prior to the approval of their account.
  • Users Sign In and Data Encryption: Engagement Hub uses the trust-based highly secure CakePHP’s AuthComponent. Our libraries build any password hash from the combination of its own security hash and security salt. After encryption, it creates 60 characters password hash that cannot be decrypted.
  • Testing: Software development additions and changes are verified in an isolated test “sandbox” environment and subject to functional and security testing prior to deployment to live software.
  • Firewall: Firewall restricts access to all ports except 80 (http) and 443 (https).
  • Patching: Latest security patches are applied to all operating system and application files to mitigate newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Access Control: Secure VPN, multifactor authentication, and role-based access is enforced for systems management by authorised engineering staff.

Contact us for a copy of our Security and Compliance Statement.

Yes. Throughout software development of the platform and in post QA testing we ensure WCAG is met.

Accessibility and Language

  • Tested for WCAG 2.0 Level AA
  • Tested for screen reader users and keyboard access
  • Language Translator for backend and visitors
  • Profanity Filter Built-In

Yes, the platform uses Google Translate for your visitors to read the content in their native language. There are more than 100 languages for your visitors to select from. Additionally, your portal can be set up in your preferred language.


Engagement Hub has an excellent built-in profanity filter and offers three levels of moderation:

  1. Open Moderation – open, free conversation flows with open moderation. Perfect for non-contentious engagements!
  2. Administrator Moderation – activate moderation to allow administrators to review and approve comments, posts and ideas prior to publishing.
  3. Third Party Moderation – keep an arm’s-length from the moderation process by having the Engagement Hub Team moderate the project for you. A modest fee applies, however you only pay for the period and project you need it for, so it's super economical.

Development Roadmap

Engagement Hub is dynamic. While the core functionality of Engagement Hub doesn’t change, to ensure you have access to the latest tools and trends, we are continually developing Engagement Hub.

Our Development Team have recently deployed Engagement Hub v4.1 in August 2018. The majority of development for the past two years is client driven – yes, we have amazing clients!

We are committed to ongoing R&D investment and encourage our clients to also share their wish lists! Our development team work really hard to make our clients ideas a reality for the benefit of all clients.

The Engagement Hub Team are committed to keeping the platform at the cutting edge of online engagement. We are very responsive to our client's suggestions and needs.



Engagement Hub was founded from an identified need for cost-effective online engagement. The Engagement Hub Team is committed to ensuring that price is not a limiting factor to authentic engagement.

Engagement Hub is available to you for a one-off project, limited annual subscription or an unlimited annual subscription. 

Contact us today for a copy of the pricing schedule. You will be surprised at the affordability!

Our pricing structure is available on a one-off project basis, monthly or annual subscription basis. We also offer three year subscriptions at a substantial discount.

Support and Assistance

24/7 support is provided through our online ticketing system.

Our SLA is 4 hours.

We are passionate about our clients achieving successful outcomes so we provide ongoing support through a variety of means including:

  • A dedicated Stakeholder Engagement Specialist who is there to provide strategic advice via phone and email during business hours 
  • Two Hour Tailored Online Training to assist your team in getting started
  • Pre-launch Platform Review
  • Ongoing collaboration of new features and functionality 
  • Updated Super and Project Admin User Manuals which reflect recent deployments
  • Ongoing access to one hour of virtual training per month
  • Invitation to our complimentary biannual client meet up with refresher training in your capital city
  • Online resources

For more information on the support we provide and our Premium Support Packages, please contact us.

We have developed the software to be as user friendly as possible and provide a detailed (with many screenshots) User Manual to all clients. Instructional videos are also provided. Clients also receive an allocated number of virtual training hours per quarter based on subscription level.

Additionally, we host subscriber user group and information sessions, at no cost throughout globally on designated dates.

Please contact us for a quote for  in-house training.

Despite the platform being incredibly easy to use, we understand time and resourcing constraints are real, therefore we offer the following services to Engagement Hub clients at a very affordable flat rate:

  • Platform Set Up – within 3 days of ordering
  • Consultation Project set up – within 7 days of ordering. This includes advice on which widgets to use during the consultation lifecycle
  • 5 day fast track implementation and launch package including: 2 x ½ day training; Engagement Policy and Framework Development; and, Development of Communications and Engagement Strategy for one project
  • Online consultation management – our team can manage your consultation for its duration
  • Communications and Engagement Strategy development for individual projects – we endeavour to develop these strategies within a 2 to 4 week timeframe

Our consultancy arm provides full service stakeholder and community engagement services.